What do I need to know about my new pool?

Q. How long will my in ground swimming pool construction typically take to complete?
A. It generally takes a minimum of eight weeks to construct an inground swimming pool once the permits are approved in your township.  Every custom inground pool that Ted’s Pools creates is unique, so we will provide you with an accurate time estimate after your design is accepted. Always keep in mind that circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or final site inspection, could influence the time of completion.

Q. Is my backyard big enough for a swimming pool and can it be built if it has a sloping yard?
A. At Ted’s Pools, we can design a gunite swimming pool to fit just about everyone’s backyard, including those with sloping yards. All townships have rules and regulations regarding pool permits. We will review your township’s ordinance to determine if you can build a pool.

Q. With so many different swimming pool styles available, how do I determine the right type of pool for me?
A. The first thing to consider is the overall size of your backyard. This assessment will help determine what kind and size of inground swimming pool will be best suited for you and your family. Then there is the style and shape to consider, and this decision is influenced by your lifestyle. Will your custom inground swimming pool be used more for recreation, entertaining or simple relaxation? These issues can be discussed when you meet with a custom inground swimming pool design specialist from Ted’s Pools during your complimentary, in-home consultation.

Q. What kind of pools do you build?
A. Ted’s Pools specializes in designing and constructing custom inground gunite swimming pools, spas, chemical-free bio pools and more – accented with unique water features, lighting, accents and more. We also restore and redesign existing pools – creating an unbelievable new design that will astound you.

Q. What time of year is best for building a pool?
A. An inground swimming pool can really be built any time of the year with the fall/winter months an ideal period to start because it ensures a full season to enjoy the pool once spring arrives. And with building complete and all the construction equipment gone, you can tend to the landscaping. Inspections are typically easier to schedule this time of year rather than in the busier spring and summer months.

Q. Do you service the pools you build?
A. Yes. After your inground swimming pool’s construction is completed, we offer different service, maintenance and inspection arrangements based on your needs and budget. Ted’s Pools is the manufacturer’s approved warranty center for every piece of equipment we install.

Q. Are there any benefits to building a pool while our new home is being constructed or should we wait?
A. There can be considerable cost savings by constructing your inground swimming pool at the same time as your home. You can typically lower your financial costs by adding the pool to your home’s first mortgage. Construction is also less intrusive since no one is living in the home. Finally, your pool’s design can be more easily integrated into your home’s overall design.

Q. What is the first step in building my pool?
A. Please call Ted’s Pools at 610-359-1301 to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our pool design specialists. We look forward to meeting you.